Familynet connects family with care

All clients of your care home have a secure personal page. Employees and family share messages, photos, videos, a calendar and the life book.

This improves cooperation and everyone is well informed about important and beautiful moments.

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These are the features of Familynet

View all the useful features like sharing messages, calendar, lifebook and more.

  • Sharing Messages

    Share messages: it is very easy to post text, photos, videos or documents on the Familynet page.

  • Keeping the Calendar

    Share appointments, activities or tasks with the family in the Familynet calendar. For each client, or for an entire department.

  • Lifebook

    A description of the history of the principal person, with a timeline filled with events by the family.

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They already use Familynet

More than 500 care institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium use Familynet to their full satisfaction and content.

  • Improves communication and cooperation with the family
  • Can be used by anyone, it does not require any implementation or instructions
  • Also works on tablets and smartphones
  • Offers excellent security; every family has a private page
  • Takes up little time

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