What are the costs of Familynet?

No complicated licences, no pay-per-client or professional. In the case of Familynet, you pay a fixed amount per location.

The care insitution pays the subscription, family does not pay for the use of Familynet.

Familynet costs: $99.00 per month*

This allows you to create an unlimited number of pages for all your clients. Are there fewer than 10 clients in your location? In that case, you only pay $49.00 per month*.

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What do I pay for?

The Familynet subscription allows you to make unlimited use of all of its features. You can create an unlimited number of pages for clients and the number of professionals you can grant access is unlimited too.

We will send you a handy starter pack with flyers and registration forms. We also offer an excellent help desk and an online manual (the Familynet Academy).

Familynet undergoes continuous developments and improvements in all areas. We make sure everything works, that photos, videos and other information are saved securely and that they remain accessible.

* annual invoice, amounts exclusive of VAT. If you want to use Familynet at more than one location of your care organisation, please contact us on

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