Dorrit Snels

Employee Cello Zorg

For Dorrit, who works in communes for people with a (very) serious mental disability, Familienet provides the bridge to family. She says: “Firstly, we have started sharing nice and fun things with family. There are plenty of beautiful moments. A party, a client who is busy working on a task, you name it. We have noticed this makes the family very enthusiastic, and they appreciate us more”. Dorrit says that activities are also announced on Familienet. Some families would also like to be able to see care information, but Cello has made the conscious decision not to share this. Dorrit: “We have other lines of communication for that. Familienet is for the fun things”. She also sees employees respond to each other via Familienet. This will make the care transparent for the family and bring it closer. At first the employees weren’t sure, but by now they’re convinced. Familienet has an aura of positivity, and everybody likes that.”

since 2005