Priscilla Tjalma

Employee Cordaan

Priscilla Tjalma works in a commune for people suffering from dementia. An important part of the communication with family goes through Familienet. She says: “We use Familienet very intensively. It saves us a lot of time, because if you make group messages you can inform thirty people in one go, so to speak. Furthermore, the planner is often used to record all kinds of appointments, so that there is a clearer overview.

We also use Familienet to invite people for the MDO consultations”. Aside from these practical uses, Priscilla thinks it’s very important for families to get more insight into the wellness activities. “If the family can see that we are having a good time together here, they will feel good. But the same goes for us, because wellness is under quite a lot of pressure in these times. The family tends to be quite committed. If I ask for new underwear via Familienet, they will bring a whole bag full the next day.”

since 2005